Jay's Grade Success!

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Hey Drummers!

Thought I’d share this photo with you

It's from a few years ago no but I had the immense pleasure of teaching Jay for about 2 years. He was a fantastic drummer. He practised, worked hard and always arrived to each lesson with new things to show me. This is a picture of his Initial, Grade 1 and Grade 2 certificates. Much deserved.

Well Done, Jay!

Find Out More About Our Founder - Allan Varnfield

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Hey drummers I'm Allan Varnfield and I'm the Founder of Drumgrades!

First of all let's talk about the fun stuff.... DRUM KITS! WOOHOO!

My Current Drum Kit Collection:

  • 1960’s Silver Sparkle Ludwig
  • 1972 Champagne Sparkle Gretsch
  • DW '7 Piece' Collectors Series

My Favourite Sticks:

  • Vic Firth 5B Vic Grip - Can't play normal sticks anymore! Gotta have my dips.


An assortment of brands but mainly Zildjian and Istanbul. My favourite things at the moment are my 22" Zildjian Constantinople Ride and some 70's Super Zyn hats. They've got that proper Steve Gadd vibe about them. So good for recording!

What I can't live without:

  • My lovely Wife
  • All of my Family
  • and my beloved studio!

Dream Kit:

  • Reissue 'John Bonham' Ludwig Vistalite - Pretty please Santa, I've been a good boy!

For my players website, please visit www.allanvarnfield.com

Grade 8 With Distinction!

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Here’s what a Grade 8 WITH DISTINCTION looks like 👊

This is the product of many months of hard work! Abbie is someone who I started teaching at around Grade 4 level.

She is a phenomenal talent and has all the attributes to go on become a fine drummer! She is certainly repping for all the female drummers out there! 🥁🔥

Abbie has now gone on to study music performance at college. She's one to look out for in the future!